The City of Champions

The Legacy Boxing Club is committed to affecting our community in positive ways that we can all agree on. We would like to help, and we are eager to hear from community members on what we can do as a boxing program to offer aid.


Fighters for At Risk Youth

Let’s help at risk youth find a place free of violence, drugs and alcohol. Let’s take our community’s kids who have been given a rough start to life and give them a place they can feel security and purpose. At risk youth train free at The Legacy Boxing Club and we have transportation opportunities for kids who don’t have a ride to the gym. If you know a child who is being affected by any of the below markers, or who you feel could benefit from our program, please call Coach Shad immediately.

At risk youth are kids who:

Are living in extreme poverty.

Are homeless, or who are semi-transient.

Are foster children or in the care of state/city programs.

Have experienced trauma such as violence, sexual assault, death in the family etc.

Are using drugs and alcohol, or are involved in criminal activity.

Here are some of the ways we would like to partner with the community:


  1. Directly partner with DSHS workers in Spokane who are working with foster kids/abused children. Connect us with their caregivers, and let’s get them in the gym.

  2. Connect with juvenile corrections officers and judiciary to offer enrollment in the The Legacy Boxing Club as an alternative to juvenile detention sentences, or as a requisite to getting off probation.

3. Connect with School councilors who can refer and connect at risk youth to our program.

4. Partner with youth alcohol/drug rehabilitation organizations.

If you have suggestions or want to partner with The Legacy Boxing Club please call Coach Shad immediately.


Bullies to Champions

Our goal is to create a community or respect, made up of self-reliant kids, who know how to police themselves without force, and turn enemies into friends.

The real power to stop bullying is our intelligence. We believe the answer to this difficult issue is to rely on a strong team. Our teachers, parents and kids are all hungry for a real, practical system to take on bullying, and that is what we have created in the Bullies to Champions program.

We have put together an in depth nine step system loaded with tools to understand, heal, empower, transform, transcend and overcome.


These kids need to know:

What is bullying and where does that behavior come from?

Who are you, why are you a target and what’s your power? Are you rewarding bullies?

How can you create friendships? how can you communicate powerfully and effectively?

When is it proper to call on authority in a way that works?

How can you prepare for confrontation and how can you make a stand on your own terms?


We need to arm our children with the power of their intelligence or they are going to arm themselves with destruction. Every time we change a bully’s perception of what it means to be strong, we’ve given society an ally instead of an enemy. Every time we show a victim their power to transform that bully’s perception we’ve given society a champion.

Here are some of the ways we would like to work with the community:

  1. Network with schools directly on providing curriculum, holding assemblies, speaking in classrooms and creating a long term positive, compelling presence at schools to maintain a culture of respect.

  2. Work with kids directly at The Legacy Boxing Club Bullies to Champions session, where we teach our nine step program.

  3. Speak with parents, teachers, school councilors, city officials and adults who are bullied at the workplace to create a large network of support in the Spokane Community.

If you would like to enroll someone in the Bullies to Champions Program, provide feedback, or network with The Legacy Boxing Club, please contact Coach Shad.


Fighters for Survivors

At the Legacy Boxing Club we believe a strong individual stands up for survivors of sexual violence. We believe that survivors of sexual violence are true champions and deserve strong support from the community.

Here are a few of the ways we would like to work with local organizations and law enforcement to better protect members of our community affected by sexual assault:

  1. Offer the Legacy Boxing Club as a safe place where survivors of violence and sexual assault can find a positive network, be treated with respect, and find their power. Survivors unable to pay gym dues may train for free.

  2. Speak with local law enforcement about the challenges they face in prosecuting rapists and child rapists, and find out what can be done to help.

  3. Pursue legislation to raise the seriousness rating in our sentencing code to include longer prison sentences for convicted adult offenders of rape and child rape in the 1st degree.

  4. Examine the way sexual assault forensic evidence kits are handled in Spokane County to ensure procedures are proper, thorough and timely.

If you are interested in joining or supporting the Fighters for Survivors program please contact Coach Shad.