Get to know Team Legacy.

These are a few of the people that make the team great. Below is what they have to say about Legacy Boxing, our community, and more.


Luke Beebe

Legacy Athlete: Luke Beebe.

Full time laborer, Coach and family man Luke Beebe loves Team Legacy because “it gives you the guidance to better yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally. I love the adrenaline rush and drive”. Life is fast paced for Luke, and he appreciates the opportunity to clear his mind, and take control of his emotions in the boxing gym.

Luke is an athlete who loves the self-confidence that comes from overcoming a challenge. Getting strong and increasing stamina in the gym are Luke’s current focus, while long term he hopes to inspire, teach, and lead others.

Luke knows making great memories with family is most important.

Biggest challenge in the gym: Footwork and the speed-bag.

Biggest triumph: Earning the rite to spar. 

What is Team Legacy? Unity, support, motivation and guidance. “We are one. Everybody pushing each other to be better.”

Most thankful for: His wife and kids. “They are my world and support me always.” 

Best thing about Spokane: Snowboarding, mountain biking, the outdoor life and Legacy Boxing.

If he could change one thing about our community: More protection for our children in and out of school.


Levi Drager

“The Legacy Boxing Club has changed me for the better in a way nothing else could have. Being a par of Team Legacy is always fun…brings a sense of motivation where we all lift each other up and push each other to be better versions of ourselves. I love boxing because it is something I really enjoy…work hard at, and improve myself in many ways…I have for more self confidence, I manage myself much better…I have a beautiful girlfriend.”

“Team Legacy is about friendship…full of caring people that is building a group of well rounded boxers.”

“In five years I see myself developing commercial properties for high cash flow investments.”

Likes outside the gym: Cars, motorcycles, and hanging out with friends.

What’s competing like: “Competing is like running into your biggest fear and giving it all you got because it’s what you love to do the most.”

Biggest challenge: “The mother freaking endurance.”

Biggest triumph: Figuring out how to keep my mind in a mental state of hard work and focus in order to maintain form and be able to best counter my opponent.”

Most thankful for: Tacos and my cute girlfriend and her awesome brother.

Best thing about Spokane: The Legacy Boxing Club.

Best thing about Spokane’s people: Fun, willing to have a good time.

What would you change about the community: More stuff to do, honestly it can be kind of boring.

Donna Pic.jpg

“Being a part of Team Legacy is empowering. I am treated with respect and always encouraged to become a better athlete. Outside the gym, boxing has made me a stronger and more confident person.”

“I love boxing because it gives me an outlet to physically work out frustrations and aggression that have built up over the week in a safe environment. My short-term goal is to continue to steadily gain strength and boxing skills in order to achieve my long-term goal of reaching a Fighter’s level of condition.”

“I am always looking for unconventional ways of exercising ("regular" gyms are uninspiring to me) and when my 16-year-old son suggested I join him I jumped at the chance to get to spend some extra time with him and get a workout in.”

“My dream is to travel the world with my family.”

“Outside the gym I enjoy reading, traveling skiing, yoga, gardening and hanging out with friends and family.”

“My biggest challenge in the gym is performing long count push-ups. My biggest triumph was going from 3 count push-ups in my first weeks in the gym to being able to do 10 after about 6 weeks.  The last couple were not pretty, but I did it!”

“Team Legacy represents respect, hard work & for me, fun.”

“I am most thankful for my family and my health.”

“ I am fortunate to live in a beautiful, safe community with great schools for my kids. I love all the recreation activities in the Spokane area, we try to take advantage of all of them!

“The best part of Spokane's people is how friendly everyone is and how proud they are of the city.”

“The one thing I would change in the Spokane community is it's growing popularity with people from other areas. I love that undiscovered feeling that it has now and fear that it will lose that as it grows.” 

“I just want to add how much I enjoy working out at Legacy Boxing.  Coach Shad has always made me feel respected and no different than any other boxer. As a 46-year-old woman, I am in the minority in the gym but I am always encouraged, respected and welcomed.  Lastly, it's just fun and honestly cathartic to punch the heavy bag after a stressful day of parenting teenagers. :)”


Sara Dillon

“Team Legacy is like a second family, and means a lot to me. Boxing has given me good life lessons, amazing friends and a great boyfriend. Sparring is very fun and exhilarating.”

 “The thing I love most about boxing is the community and the people I am surrounded by in the gym…everyone is passionate.”

Sara’s long term goal is to complete medical school and become a Dr., reading and hanging out with friends are her favorite things to do outside the gym.

Biggest Challenge: Making her running goals.

Best thing about Spokane: Having all four seasons.

Best thing about the community: People are mind their own business.

What she would change about the community: More things to do.

Most thankful for: The people I’m surrounded by.

Biggest triumph in boxing: Earning the red and black stripes (levels of skill required to compete nationally).


Trevor Arrotta

“Being on Team Legacy is amazing. I love everyone here. They have helped me when I’ve been in a hard place. We are helping our community become the City of Champions. I have a strong connections with boxing…it takes away any negative effects of the day has had on me. My plan is to be a professional boxer and bring glory to our gym and our city.” 

“Boxing is for everyone. I’ve come along way from a kid who didn’t have much, and no confidence, to where I am today. Boxing has transformed me into a better person. No matter you’re background, you can box, No Limits! Too Strong! City of Champions!”

“Boxing really helps me…it evens me out when I train. I feel stronger and have more confidence in myself. I love what I do. I’m a boxer!”

“Competing is a huge rush. It’s scary but worth it, you get to see what you are truly made of!”

“Ever since I was three I wanted to compete in combat sports because of street fighter but I couldn’t afford it.”

Long term Trevor wants to be coming down the home stretch of his professional career and continuing to coach upcoming fighters.

Most grateful for: My family. All I do is box and raise my family. Boxing is my life. Family is my life.

Biggest Challenge: Making weight.

Biggest Triumph: Taking 2nd in State and Coaching individuals with Parkinson’s Disease.

What was it like growing up in Spokane: Some of the places we grew up there was crime going on but you minded your own business. We grew up with not a lot of money, but we were always grateful for what we had, a roof, food…we were good.

Best thing about Spokane Community: We have die hard workers. We are survivors. We are willing to help a good cause and we are proud of what we do.

What would you change about the community: Stop construction and business from taking over all the mom and pop stores.


Hanna Hope

“Being on Team Legacy is a privilege because our team is like family, we treat each other like family and we care for each other like family…we help each other and train together. I joined because I got in fights at school…ever since I joined I’ve learned a lot…we learn discipline and have fun doing it. I feel better and healthier about what I do and how I do it.”

Long term Hanna wants to be a biologist and moonlight as a drummer. She looks up to Ringo Star.

Most grateful for: “Family, because without the help of my parents I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Biggest Challenge: “Life, because I live with 2 younger siblings and sometimes it can get overwhelming.”

Favorite thing about the Spokane Community: It’s fun, we have lots of bowling alleys, water parks, sports and schools. It’s not that big so we kind of see the same people every day during our schedule. We’re all pretty much neighbors.

What she would change about the community: Lower prices on everything.


Max Dillon

“Boxing has helped me stand up for myself and others. Being part of Team Legacy is helpful knowing they are there if you need them in and outside the gym…I love getting the chance to meet all the different people and getting to know them.”

In ten years Max wants to be graduating college and starting his career as an engineer. Outside the gym he like to ride his BMX bike and loves God.

“Sparring is one of my favorite parts of boxing…you get better and you learn other fighting techniques.”

“Team Legacy helped me from the day I started.”

“I really appreciate how Coach keeps all the athletes safe and how he is always watching to make sure everyone is having a good time.”

Biggest challenge: Getting the black stripe (required to compete nationally). “It took me two years and I had to run a 6.5 minute mile.”

Biggest Triumph: Keeping my cardio up so I don’t get tired during a fight.

Best thing about the Spokane Community: “People are nice and kind, all the cool programs, people stand up for each other.”

One thing he would change about the Spokane Community: Help homeless people.

shay bio pic 2.jpg

Shay Holt

“Team Legacy Represents strength, power, respect, dedication and motivation! That makes us a force to be reckoned with! Boxing is like my release from the world…to just be a fighter and how I can intrigue kids to be part of this sport is just truly amazing! Keep your ears open because Team Legacy will be a well known boxing gym no only in Spokane but around the nation!”

“My long term goal is to be the best heavy-weight in WA State and win the Golden Gloves. My dream is to be a great boxer on a national level.”

“Being part of Team Legacy is really amazing in so many ways, from inspiring these kids to seeing their progression…it’s being part of an unbreakable bond, a family!”

What’s it like to compete: …by far one of the funnest thing’s I have done in my life. Hearing family and friends cheer you on, hearing Coach Cramer instruction from the corner is one of the greatest feeling anyone who loves the sport can have. Getting out of the ring after a victory to see all the smiling faces new and old is truly inspiring!”

Likes outside the gym: Football, motorcycles, working on cars, sports in general.

Most thankful for: My family and friends and just life in general, and of course boxing.

Best thing about Spokane: I can’t pick just one thin, the lakes and scenery, the four seasons are awesome.

What are Spokane people like: Great, loving, caring, kind people!

What was it like growing up in Spokane: Very rough and very hard for me. I am halve black and halve white so I dealt with a lot of racism. I got into a lot of fights in school for being called the N word. I never understood why I was always fighting to be equal to my peers and being the only one punished. It built up a lot of anger in me when I was a child. Having no guidance from a father type I looked up to my older brother, he turned to the streets and I followed his lead and got myself in a lot of trouble. Boxing keeps me from wanting or needing to rely on the streets!

What would you change about the community: All people would be equal no matter gender, race or religious beliefs. Not just in my community but around the nation.


Analisa Mccan: 10 months ago I had my ACL replaced. Since then, I have been out of shape and struggling to find the motivation to work out. Even with a gym at my house, I found every excuse not to work out. I started boxing because I knew I needed help being motivated and pushed to do my best at working out. Boxing is something I always thought was cool but was scared to try. One day, I thought I’d try it out and see how it goes. Now I can’t get enough!

From Day 1, I felt so welcomed into the gym. It was intimidating but everyone was so nice and encouraging. We cheer each other on and hold one another accountable. It is such a positive atmosphere where everyone wants you to do your best.

I love how powerful and confident I feel when I am throwing punches. I feel empowered and that I am doing something I never thought I would be able to do.

My short-term goal is to get in shape! I have not consistently worked out in over two years so I am trying to go to boxing 3-4 times a week and stick with it!

My long-term goal is to stay consistent in going to boxing classes and work to earn my red stripe! I also want to gain the confidence to spar.

Outside of the gym, I am known as Ms. McCann, 1st grade teacher at Broadway Elementary! Being a teacher is the most amazing job and I wake up excited every day to serve my students. Besides teaching, I LOVE to travel. Each summer I spend at least 2 weeks in a different country. I love getting to know a new culture and of course having fun adventures. In the past 6 years I’ve been to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Peru and Guatemala

My biggest challenge is just remembering all the components at once! Focusing on your guard, stance, how to throw punches and combination strings is a lot to remember!

My biggest triumph has been Being able to do push-ups off my knees. When I started, I could not do any push-ups off my knees. Now I can do 3 sets of 10 as well as a set of 10 count push-up’s.

Team Legacy represents a family of people who have a common goal: to better themselves. We all are there to better ourselves in some way whether it is to get in shape, become a fighter, learn discipline, or be a part of a team. When we all have a common goal, we accomplish so much as a group!

I’m most thankful forThe ability to work out because I have a healthy body. I am thankful for my wonderful family, my boyfriend and our two dogs, Jax and Yoda! And of course, I’m thankful for all my current and former 1st graders that I have been so lucky to teach.

I love that even though Spokane is a growing city, it still has the small town feel where you run into to people you know and can build connections with people in the community.

The best thing about Spokane People is Their love and pride for the city!

If I could change one thing about the Spokane community it would be More support for kids who are struggling. As a teacher, I see so many of my students have unfortunate situations. I would love to see more support for those kids and families.


Johnny Devos

“I love boxing. I love to smash the heavy bags. Being a part of Legacy Boxing is like being a part of something great. People see me and are like, I want to be like that. I want to win Golden Gloves Trophies. In five years I want to be a professional boxer”

Outside the gym Johnny likes to ride dirt bikes and going to air-soft arenas.

Biggest challenge and biggest triumph: “Earning my Red Stripe.” (Required to compete)

“Boxing has affected my life outside the boxing gym because I feel like I get more respect. Team Legacy means everything to me.”

Most thankful for: His parents.


Ty Walker

“The team means everything to me, I notice everyday we always learn something knew from eachother.”

“I love everything about boxing. We come to the gym and work hard. I knew it would keep me in great shape for wrestling, and keeps me in a better mood everyday.”

What’s sparring like? “Extremely fun, tiring…a great experience every-time. Sparring is also a great way to learn the sport.”

Biggest Challenge: Controlling his breathing.

Biggest Triumph: Nothing yet but something is coming.

Most thankful for: Being able to have all the experience from boxing, wrestling, and many other things.

Best thing about the Spokane Community: The people. Everyone is understanding, nice and seems involved.

What would he change about the Spokane Community: Make more fun things to do.


Bodi Kirillov

“To me Team Legacy is a boxing club where anyone can become anything. Being part of the team is pretty awesome.”

“The Legacy Boxing Club made me more secure.”

“I love sparring. It is kind of scary at first, but later it becomes fun.”

Long term Goals: Continue to Box.

Outside the gym: Loves to Skateboard.

Most thankful for: The microwave.