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Athlete Advancement Week

November 12th-16th all sessions.

All legacy athletes will be given the opportunity to earn there stripes and advance in the program during and after every training session. Training sessions take place as usual and are open to all members.

 Sparring Athlete Requirements: 10 Count Push Ups, 21 Squat Jumps, 1st Stripe Combo Chain without error, 10 V-ups, 60 second Plank.

City Fighter Requirements: 20 Count Push Ups, 42 Squat Jumps, 2nd Stripe Combo Chain without error, 2 round of Rapid Fire, 20 V-ups, 2 minute Plank.

Road Fighter Requirements: Two sets of 20 Count Push Ups, 84 Squat Jumps, 3rd Stripe Comb Chain without error, 3 Rounds of Rapid Fire, 15 Kickers, 15 Rotational, 30 V-ups, 3 minute Plank.   

Earlier Event: October 31
Later Event: November 22
Closed for Thanksgiving